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XPRESS IMPRESORES began its operations in December 1988, worrying from the outset that all the processes through which an impression passes were developed, controlled and finished within our facilities.

AT XPRESS IMPRESORES work is a career, quality and total productivity is our way of life and the total satisfaction of our customers our reason to be.

Our team of men and women at XPRESS IMPRESORES are a vital element to meet our objectives and that is why we select the right personnel and train them, currently counting on a plant of workers and employees with talent and experience, as well as advanced pre-press equipment and high-register offset presses.

From the above and as a result today we are recognized regionally as strong competitors in the market, however we do not spare at all times efforts because we want to be better every day.


XPRESS IMPRESORES Is a company dedicated to the production of printed matter and our mission is:

“The full satisfaction of the client, offering products with quality and excellent services, which translate into progress and well-being for our employees and collaborators”

To carry out this mission, the strategies to follow are:

  • ✓ Perform the work based on a philosophy of continuous improvement:.
  • ✓ Have qualified personnel.
  • ✓ Offer variety of products.

XPRESS IMPRESORES | Fast & Easy Printing
XPRESS IMPRESORES | Fast & Easy Printing
XPRESS IMPRESORES | Fast & Easy Printing



To be a leading company in its field, recognized nationally and internationally,
with high volumes of production and that satisfies in full
the needs of the public and private sector with services and products of excellent quality.


Our commitment is to provide printing products and services that meet customer expectations and requirements, supported by continuous improvement processes through the effective implementation of the Quality Management System based on ISO-9001: 2008.

ISO 9001 Certified